Small Group Activity

Peeps 5 Senses Activity

I introduced a Peeps 5 Senses activity to my students last year and we had so much fun with it!  I am a huge fan of Pocket of Preschool, if you teach or work with preschool or kindergarten aged children you really need to check her out.  She comes up with some fabulous ideas like the Peeps 5 Senses Activity…

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Center Time, Math

Easter Bunny Counting Activity

For  Spring I created an Easter Bunny Counting Activity for my classroom and the kids loved it!  I modeled it after my Leprechaun Counting Activity and it is for sale for a very low price in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. Easter Bunny Counting Activity The Easter Bunny Counting activity is super easy to make – you just print it…

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Becca’s Bunch Craft for Kids

I love to get my kids involved with crafty projects, so this Becca’s Bunch Craft for kids was right up our alley.  I did the activity with my kids at home, but it is easy enough that older preschool students could work on it with assistance from a teacher or parent. Becca’s Bunch Craft for Kids Here are the instructions…

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Center Time, Math

Saint Patrick’s Day Counting Activity

I have created a super simple Saint Patrick’s Day Counting Activity to help my students practice math and fine motor skills by counting gold.  The activity is very easy to put together and is straightforward enough that students can work on the task independently. Saint Patrick’s Day Counting Activity The first step is to purchase the Saint Patrick’s Day Counting…

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Crayola Activities in the Preschool Classroom

Katie / February 18, 2019

A while back I was asked to review the all new Crayola Dough and Slyme.  I readily agreed because my preschool class loves trying out new materials!  I introduced the Crayola Dough and Slyme before Winter Break and both were a huge hit in my classroom filled with three, four, and five year olds. The Dough lasted about as long…

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Edushape Activities for Young Children

Katie / December 1, 2018

The holidays are coming up fast and if you have young ones on your shopping list you should check out Edushape products!  I was given a set of Foam Sensory Blocks and Magic Shape magnetic blocks to review and my preschool class loved them so much! Both sets provided hours and hours of fun with fine motor skills in our…

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Organizing Preschool Learning Units

Katie / November 25, 2018

Organizing Preschool learning units can be a challenge, especially when you are storing all of your supplies in a basement, garage or closet in your home.  I started the organizing preschool learning units project over the summer and I just finished it this weekend. Organizing Preschool Learning Units We joke in our house that it takes a party to get…

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Center Time, Math

Preschool Math: Spider Counting

Katie / October 27, 2018

I recently created a super simple Halloween Math Activity for Preschoolers that involves spider counting and it all started with a set of Skeleton tongs from the Dollar Tree. Preschool Math: Spider Counting Henry happened upon a set of skeleton hand tongs at the Dollar Tree and I just knew that I  needed to make something special with them in…

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Dramatic Play, Review

Adora Later Alligator Twin Gift Set {Review}

Katie / September 23, 2018

Adora has created the Later Alligator Twin Gift Set and it is the cutest baby doll set I have ever seen.  True story.  I introduced the adorable Adora twins in my preschool classroom on the first day of school and the kids loved them.  Girls and boys alike have been tending to the twins every day with the plethora of…

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Center Time, Early Literacy

Wooden Alphabet Block Matching Game

Katie / September 16, 2018

I recently made a wooden alphabet block matching game to use in my preschool classroom.  It was super cheap to put together, and has many purposes in the classroom or at home with your preschooler. Wooden Alphabet Block Matching Game The creation of this alphabet learning activity began when I found adorable wooden alphabet blocks at Target.  They reminded me…

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