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Water Beads in the Preschool Classroom

My students always love when I bring out water beads in the preschool classroom.  They provide a wonderful sensory experience for small children and for adults.  The kids seem to enjoy the calming effect of manipulating the water beads.

Water Beads in the Preschool Classroom

I find that it is a good activity for kids who need a chance to sit and calm down, and it is amazing to use the water beads with kids with sensory needs.  They are also perfect for practicing early math skills like color sorting and counting.

At the end of the school year and the children are used to most of the activities and materials in the classroom, so it is a great time to introduce new activities.  And that is where water beads come in.

The reason I waited so late in the year is because we have spent the entire school year teaching the children how to use the changing materials in the sensory bin in our classroom, with one of the top rules being not to put anything in their mouth.

I introduce the water beads as a small group activity and sit with just a few children at a time while they play so as to give them reminders not to squeeze the beads (because when they are broken they are just a sloppy mess – throw broken beads away, do not put them in a drain).  And be very watchful to ensure that the children do not try to eat them.  I love watching the children’s eyes light up when they feel the smooth beads.  You can see the calming effect it has on people.  I myself find it relaxing to play with water beads.


I found my Marvel Beads Water Beads for the preschool classroom on Amazon.  The bag of was just under $8 and it has lasted forever.  Full Disclosure – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

When using Water Beads be sure to research them completely before using so that it can be a safe experience.  Some students might not be able to use them if they are prone to putting things in their mouth.

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