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Valentine Cafe and Post Office Dramatic Play

This week in our classroom we have a Valentine Café and Post Office Dramatic Play Center.  We transformed the classroom loft into a cozy little café where the kids can pretend to have tea and sweets with their friends while they write Valentines.   Fine motor skills and pretend play all at once!  I love the combination of having a writing area within the Dramatic Play area, and it seems the kids do too.  This center was pretty easy to put together with some supplies from the Target Dollar Spot (plates, cups, Valentines and notebooks) and some super cute printables that I made myself and some I purchased from Lily B Creations on Teachers Pay Teachers.  And one of the teachers in my classroom made some super cute heart banners to decorate the area.

Our themes right now are Community Helpers and Valentine’s Day, so the Valentine Café and Post Office Dramatic Play area fits right in with our learning unit!  The kids love it when we shake things up in the Dramatic Play area.

Valentine Café and Post Office Dramatic Play:

Tea for two at the Valentine Café: 

Card Station:  I found cute Valentines, notepads and little mailboxes at the Dollar Spot at Target and then I added in some blank paper folded in half with red envelopes.  Lots of choices for writing experiences!

Writing Prompts:  I made these simple writing samples for the students to use while they write their valentines and I hung them near the table so they can see them when they write.

Mail Carrier Hats:  Need to deliver some valentines?  These cute laminated paper crown hats from Lily B. Creations will let everyone know what your job is today!

The Post Office is OPEN!  Here you have our Valentine Café & Post Office sign that I made on PicMonkey, along with signs from Lily B. Creations and our “I Can” statement for the center.

Doesn’t our Valentine Café & Post Office Dramatic Play loft area look like a fun place to use your imagination and play?!

What does your Dramatic Play Center look like for the month of February?

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