Easy Winter Craft for Kids: Snow People

One winter a few years back we seemed to have more snow days than I could handle with four little ones, and I remember trying to find fun ways to spend the time trapped indoors together.  One day we did a super easy winter craft for kids, we made Snow People.  I could not drive to the craft store, but luckily I had enough supplies on hand to make this project work.  All this takes is circles cut from white paper, and then any assortment of craft supplies you have on hand.  Our snow people were pretty simple back in the day, but these days when we make snow people in the classroom we have many more collage materials such to offer.  When I did this with the kids years ago we pretty much just used markers and paper along with a few little sequins and such.  In my classroom we offered cotton balls, buttons, and other various collage materials.  Any way you do it this is a fun craft for a cold winter day!

Easy Winter Craft for Kids: Snow People

Here are the supplies we used:  markers, glue, glitter, paper, circle stencils, scissors, and snowflake sequins.  You can mix it up and use whatever you have on hand though!

If your child or students can draw and cut circles then this is a perfect time to work on those fine motor skills!  I have a bunch of circle stencils from my scrapbooking collection, but the kids could also trace around cups or bowls or anything round!

Next up, glue the circles onto another piece of paper:

All that is left to do after you glue the circles onto the paper is to bedazzle the snow people!

A few of the finished products:

After craft time is over is a perfect time to snuggle up with some winter picture books.  Here are a few of our favorites:

What are your favorite WINTER stories and crafts for preschool aged kids?  I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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