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Simple Rain Cloud Craft

With all these rainy days we have been having in my neck of the woods I have been thinking about crafts to do in the classroom.  I remember way back in the day making a simple rain cloud craft at home with my own kids when they were little.  I seem to remember it was a week full of days being stuck inside too much due to rain.  The project was very easy to put together and easy for little ones to do on their own with a little help here and there depending on their age and skill level.

Simple Rain Cloud Craft

First Step:  Collect the materials

It was pretty easy to pull together the materials for the Rain Cloud Craft.  I googled “Free Cloud Clipart” and “Free Raindrop Clipart” and printed them out on white and blue papers.  Then I gathered yarn, tape, scissors and crayons for decorating.

Step Two:  Cut out the clouds and raindrops

I helped the younger ones with the cutting as needed, but this is excellent fine motor skill work!

Step Three:  Put it all together

The kids used the yarn and tape to hang the raindrops from the clouds.  MORE fine motor skill work!

The Finished Product:

Sam refused help with cutting, so his raindrops were all rectangular, but he did use the scissors to make snips on the paper.

Weather Books:

Just like in my classroom, when we did crafts at home when the kids were little I tried to tie it to literacy.  For this project I put together some rain and weather themed books.

Comment below and tell me about your favorite rainy day crafts!

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