Organizing Preschool Learning Units

Organizing Preschool learning units can be a challenge, especially when you are storing all of your supplies in a basement, garage or closet in your home.  I started the organizing preschool learning units project over the summer and I just finished it this weekend.

Organizing Preschool Learning Units

We joke in our house that it takes a party to get us into gear on projects around the house.  Well the Thanksgiving weekend found me organizing preschool learning units like a beast.  I had stacks of files, books, activities and more sitting around our basement and with two parties at our house over the holiday weekend there was no time like the present for getting it all organized.

I found some good deals on scrapbooking storage boxes at Michael’s and Walmart and went to work filling them with many years worth of materials I have created and collected to enhance learning in my preschool classroom.

I gave each box their own theme and then filled them with all of the books, activities and lesson plans I have put together year after year working with young children.

Each box is still a work in progress as I add to my preschool learning units each year.  It feels so good to be so organized!  Now when we begin a new theme in my preschool classroom I just grab a box and go!

How do you keep your preschool learning units organized?

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