Fine Motor Skills and Plastic Canvas Sewing

When my children were very little they were always interested in whatever craft mama was doing.  So when I would crochet or sew I would give them materials to do some plastic canvas sewing.  Stitching on plastic canvas with yarn was the perfect sized project for their little hands and it was great for their fine motor skills.  This would make a good one on one or small group activity in the preschool classroom for children who need to strengthen their fine motor skills.  Plus I find that handcrafts like this are calming and soothing and produce a finished product that a child can be proud of.

You can purchase plastic canvas in sheets or in shapes at your local craft store.  And if you are not comfortable letting children use metal needles there are plastic needles made for sewing with yarn.  This project is perfect for using up scraps of yarn you might have, or if you have a friend who knits or crochets you could hit them up for their scraps.  The finished products can be made into ornaments, or coasters or even magnets.  They would make great gifts for your child or student to give to someone special.  I always loved watching my kids concentrate so fiercely on their work and witnessing how excited they would get with their finished products.

Fine Motor Skills and Plastic Canvas Sewing

What do you think?  Would you try this in your preschool classroom or at home with your children?

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