Edushape Activities for Young Children

The holidays are coming up fast and if you have young ones on your shopping list you should check out Edushape products!  I was given a set of Foam Sensory Blocks and Magic Shape magnetic blocks to review and my preschool class loved them so much!

Both sets provided hours and hours of fun with fine motor skills in our classroom.  I especially loved the Foam Sensory Puzzle Blocks because they reminded me of one of my favorite video games, Tetris.  The kids really loved puzzling them together as well.  And both sets were developmentally appropriate for ALL of the little learners in my preschool classroom!

Looking through the Edushape website I see so many products I would love to buy for my classroom and for the young kids on my Christmas list.

Edushape Products for Preschoolers

Here are some more details about the Edushape Products we reviewed:

Easy Grip Soft Foam Sensory Puzzle Blocks

Construction toys invite children to manipulate their environment, encourage creative thinking, and introduce cause and effect concepts. These brightly colored Sensory Puzzle Blocks come in many “right angle” variations, including “C”, T”, “L” and zigzag shapes. Much like hands-on Tetris, these blocks can be played flat on a table. 

Watch children’s spacial, logic and reasoning skills progress as they maneuver the pieces into various shapes, patterns and puzzles. The bright and vibrant colors of these Edu-Foam blocks will capture children’s attention, stimulating their visual sensory development. The pieces feature protruding pyramid shaped nubs on all sides, making them great tools for tactile sensory awareness.

Magic Shapes 

Magic Shapes stimulate imagination in a unique way. Great for children and adults alike, this irresistible toy features gentle magnet receptors around the perimeter of the pieces (circles are pop-in and not magnetized). Open-ended play is an important and encouraged type of play.  Magnetic receptors are strong enough to hold Magic Shape pieces together, yet not strong enough to be a hazard.  Magic Shapes stick together to create gravity-defying designs.

Disclaimer:  I was given Edushape products for review purposes, all opinions are 100% my own.  Visit the Edushape website to find out more about their awesome products!

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