Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play Taco Stand

Dramatic Play Taco Stand

During our Community Helpers week at preschool this year we had a Dramatic Play Taco Stand in our loft area for a few weeks.  The kids had so much fun pretending to work and dine at our Fiesta Taco Stand.

We created the Dramatic Play Taco Stand using an incredible set of printable resources from Play to Learn Preschool that included menus, labels for shelves, a banner and much much more!

To finish out the Dramatic Play Taco Stand I bought some felt tacos and we added plates and cups along with some festive fiesta decorations that I had bought at Oriental Trading for my sister’s bridal shower.  Our classroom loft looked like a fun place to hang out and eat tacos with your friends!

I was lucky enough to find felt taco sets at the Dollar Spot at Target.  I was fully prepared to create my own tacos out of felt for the Dramatic Play Taco stand, but thankfully I found these cost effective felt tacos instead.  If you cannot find a taco set to purchase there are patterns for making felt tacos on Etsy and you can purchase large sets of felt on Amazon.

The printable Taco Stand set from Play to Learn Preschool were absolutely perfect, and they really tied the whole center together and made it a print rich environment.

I love using our loft as a secondary Dramatic Play area in the classroom!  Since Dramatic Play is a favorite place to play for many of the kids, having two different Dramatic Play areas really makes sense in our class.

Mad props to my teaching assistants for always helping me make these crazy Dramatic Play dreams come true by setting up and decorating!

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