Cooking in the Classroom: Making Mini Pizzas

Katie / February 11, 2018

When we study Community Helpers in my class I always like to have a Pizzeria in my Dramatic Play area.  And while the Pizzeria Parlor is happening in the Dramatic Play area I also plan a day where we can make mini pizzas in the classroom. This year I planned our mini pizza making day for a day when the…

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Center Time, Dramatic Play

Valentine Cafe and Post Office Dramatic Play

Katie / February 5, 2018

This week in our classroom we have a Valentine Café and Post Office Dramatic Play Center.  We transformed the classroom loft into a cozy little café where the kids can pretend to have tea and sweets with their friends while they write Valentines.   Fine motor skills and pretend play all at once!  I love the combination of having a writing…

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Fine Motor Skills and Plastic Canvas Sewing

Katie / January 28, 2018

When my children were very little they were always interested in whatever craft mama was doing.  So when I would crochet or sew I would give them materials to do some plastic canvas sewing.  Stitching on plastic canvas with yarn was the perfect sized project for their little hands and it was great for their fine motor skills.  This would…

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Center Time

Building Shapes with Brick Blocks

Katie / January 21, 2018

The DUPLO LEGO Bricks in our classroom are quite popular with the kids.  I had been looking for ways to incorporate more learning opportunities with the DUPLO bricks when I saw a Facebook post from Pocket of Preschool about building shapes with Brick Blocks. Pocket of Preschool created a 2D Shapes Unit that they sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I…

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DIY Car Magnets for Kids

Katie / January 15, 2018

When Henry was very small I sometimes watched other children and I was always looking for ways to keep the kids busy.  One idea that I found on Pinterest was DIY Car Magnets that can be made at home.  These DIY car magnets were not just easy to make, but they were fun to create as well. The kids and…

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Easy Winter Craft for Kids: Snow People

Katie / January 8, 2018

One winter a few years back we seemed to have more snow days than I could handle with four little ones, and I remember trying to find fun ways to spend the time trapped indoors together.  One day we did a super easy winter craft for kids, we made Snow People.  I could not drive to the craft store, but…

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Crafts, Early Literacy

“Gingerbread Man” Story Starter

Katie / January 2, 2018

Winter is the perfect time to read and expand upon the beloved childhood classic, The Gingerbread Man.  This story starter is a great way to make young children feel like authors and illustrators. “Gingerbread Man” Story Starter During the winter months  we spend a bit of time reading various versions of the Gingerbread Man.  The kids always love this story,…

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The Little Things Preschool Great Book Giveaway

Katie / December 17, 2017

One of the keys to early learning and language development is reading to young children from the very beginning.  Our home and my classroom are always literature rich environments and one of my favorite things to do is to read.  I read to my children at home and to my students at school.  And when I can find a few…

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Crafts, Recipes

Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe

Katie / December 12, 2017

I learned to make Homemade Playdough years ago when I was in college, and it has been my go-to dough in the classroom and at home ever since.  I will readily admit that I am a playdough snob when it comes to what I want in my preschool classroom. I have yet to find a store bought playdough that will…

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Cooking With Kids: Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Katie / December 9, 2017

I love to cook in my preschool classroom and during the holidays is the perfect time to pull out my Mini Pumpkin Pie recipe and get baking with my little learners.  I use a super simple recipe and invite the children to work together to measure, pour, stir and mix to create Mini Pumpkin Pies as a team.  They use their…

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