Dramatic Play, Review

Adora Later Alligator Twin Gift Set {Review}

Katie / September 23, 2018

Adora has created the Later Alligator Twin Gift Set and it is the cutest baby doll set I have ever seen.  True story.  I introduced the adorable Adora twins in my preschool classroom on the first day of school and the kids loved them.  Girls and boys alike have been tending to the twins every day with the plethora of…

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Center Time, Early Literacy

Wooden Alphabet Block Matching Game

Katie / September 16, 2018

I recently made a wooden alphabet block matching game to use in my preschool classroom.  It was super cheap to put together, and has many purposes in the classroom or at home with your preschooler. Wooden Alphabet Block Matching Game The creation of this alphabet learning activity began when I found adorable wooden alphabet blocks at Target.  They reminded me…

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Cutie Fruities Collectables

Katie / September 15, 2018

Cutie Fruities are soft, adorable and fun for young kids at home or for the preschool classroom!  They are tiny stuffed fruits and tasty foods that are the perfect size for a young child’s hand and they have adorable expressions on their “faces”. Cutie Fruities Collectables When I was asked to review the Cutie Fruities products I accepted right away,…

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Center Time, Sensory Table

Water Beads in the Preschool Classroom

Katie / September 15, 2018

My students always love when I bring out water beads in the preschool classroom.  They provide a wonderful sensory experience for small children and for adults.  The kids seem to enjoy the calming effect of manipulating the water beads. Water Beads in the Preschool Classroom I find that it is a good activity for kids who need a chance to…

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Crafts, Early Literacy, Recipes

Preschool Pizza Theme

While we study Community Helpers in our classroom I always like to have a Pizza Parlor set up in our Dramatic Play area.  But why stop at Dramatic Play?  I decided to take it a step further and plan a Preschool Pizza Theme to implement throughout the classroom while the Pizza Theme Dramatic Play was set up.  We incorporated the…

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Circle Time, Early Literacy

Preschool Storytime: 10 Funny Underwear Books

Nothing draws the attention of a preschool class like funny underwear books.   This post may seem crazy, but I feel like Funny Underwear Books saved my circle time a few months ago!  After Winter Break I was finding it challenging to hold the attention of my class during circle time.  During the month of January our weeks were crazy. …

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Polka Dot Easter Egg Craft

If you have some wine corks lying around I have a perfect Easter Egg Craft for you to do with your preschool classroom or young ones at home!  This Easter Egg Craft is so simple to put together and the end result is some brightly colored polka dotted-Easter Eggs to decorate your house for Spring! Polka Dot Easter Egg Craft…

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Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play Taco Stand

Katie / February 28, 2018

Dramatic Play Taco Stand During our Community Helpers week at preschool this year we had a Dramatic Play Taco Stand in our loft area for a few weeks.  The kids had so much fun pretending to work and dine at our Fiesta Taco Stand. We created the Dramatic Play Taco Stand using an incredible set of printable resources from Play…

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Crafts, Early Literacy

Simple Rain Cloud Craft

Katie / February 26, 2018

With all these rainy days we have been having in my neck of the woods I have been thinking about crafts to do in the classroom.  I remember way back in the day making a simple rain cloud craft at home with my own kids when they were little.  I seem to remember it was a week full of days…

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